Thursday, September 10, 2009

A look at Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes are single-use individually packaged moist degreasing wipes that actually work! The idea for the wipes came about because of a flat tire on a long road ride and the resulting greasy hands (well known to anyone who rides a bike) and have come to be the best (and only) all-natural portable wipe for anyone who gets dirty (and doesn't want to stay that way).
Personally, I have really enjoyed my Grease Monkey Wipes. They are convenient, easy to carry and they really work. I have found that even if I am in close proximity to a sink and soap (which I rarely am), a Grease Monkey Wipe actually works better to remove grease and bike gunk from my hands. So, not only are they great on the trail, but also if you do any kind of wrenching or tinkering on your own bike.
Here's an example of how well they remove road gunk (I know that's what the black stuff was because I had just changed a tire on my road bike). They work just as well on grease!
Pre Grease Monkey Wipe

Post Grease Monkey Wipe

Best ways to use them:
  • Keep in your saddle bag or hydration pack for post-emergency trailside maintenance
  • Keep in your toolbox to use after tinkering with your bike
  • Keep in your car in case you have to change a car tire
  • Keep in your purse/backpack in case you need to clean your hands and don't have a bathroom or instant hand sanitizer around (I never do)
  • Use them as a chain degreaser - it actually works!
Finally, the thing that really seals the deal for me is how they smell. It's just like wiping an orange all over your hands. My only suggestion is to resist the temptation to walk around with your fingers in your nose. Most people don't realize what you're doing and you get some weird looks...

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