Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to use ActionWipes

If you haven't heard of ActionWipes, you're missing out. According to the ActionWipes website, ActionWipes are "Natural, full body wet wipes for rinse free bathing". And they work amazingly. I began using ActionWipes about 2 months ago and now I am not sure how I got along without them. Unless every single ride you take finishes at your house, you'll love ActionWipes. Instead of having to sit and stew in your post-ride filth until you get a shower, you can wipe yourself off and run some errands. They smell nice, they don't leave a sticky residue, they're all natural, and they help prevent saddle sores.
Okay, that's all I'm going to say to try to convince you. Instead, I'm going to show you HOW to use ActionWipes:
  1. Go ride your bike and got good and dirty. This is me after the 2009 Sea Otter Classic XC race.

  2. Wipe off your face. Really well. (Don't forget your lips).

  3. Turn your ActionWipe over.

  4. Wipe off your bum (this helps prevent saddle sores).

  5. Get another ActionWipe.

  6. Wipe off your arms (including your armpits).

  7. Turn your ActionWipe over.

  8. Wipe off your legs.

  9. Throw your ActionWipe in the laundry, wash it, and then REUSE it (stay tuned for ideas of how to reuse your ActionWipes).

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