Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rest Week Exploration

This past week is a rest week for me. That means that I ride very little, spend most of the time riding at a recovery pace and generally just relax. Today was the first workout I’ve done since the recovery week started and I thought it was a great day to check out a new trail not too far from my house, Rabbit Mountain Open Space in Lyons, CO. I’ve ridden by Rabbit Mountain fairly often on trips to Carter Lake or in and out of Lyons and have always been curious about what the trails are like up there.

Late afternoon I headed out from the house in beautiful weather, temperatures in the 70’s and a nice bright sun. Unfortunately there was a bit of wind coming from the southeast. Just as I made the turn off towards Rabbit Mountain from Highway 66 I started my interval set, a nice and easy 2 sets of 4 by 1 minute fast pedals. On my way there I got the first set and half of the second set done and then I was at the trail head. The last two fast pedals were done up the trail, which was quite a challenge as fairly quickly the trail turned rocky and pretty technical, but fun. Unfortunately I only made it up the first half mile of trail the first junction here:

The reason was due to timing. I knew that I had left for my ride later than I should have and that I was going to be significantly late for class, making any exploration around the loop at Rabbit Mountain a bad decision in the interest of finishing off the semester well, so I turned around and headed home. Definitely looking forward to my next trip up to Rabbit Mountain to do some more exploring.

Legs felt great today after a day off, and a recovery day. One more day of recovery and then I get to put some intensity back in as I prepare for La Tierra Torture in Santa Fe, New Mexico this weekend. Going to be a blast!

Hopefully see you out on the roads or trails!

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