Friday, May 1, 2009

Transparent Racing Hits the Road

Last night, sometime around 6:30, Macky Franklin arrived at my door in Longmont, CO with a very large box of some amazing stuff from Hammer. It's Christmas in April!! Though the real reason was not to deliver some great sponsor product but to head out for the next Transparent Racing road trip to La Tierra Torture in Santa Fe, NM this weekend. We have opted as a team to skip out on the Mountain States Cup race happening in Nathrop primarily due to the gauging prices that the Mountain States Cup organizers believe they are entitled to. Instead we are going to get a short track and cross country in for $50 total, great deal huh!

This morning after much fussing around Macky and I loaded up and started heading south from my house. First stop was Cope Family Dental, my fiance's work place and one of our new sponsors for 2009, thanks guys! After making a quick stop there we then headed on to Denver where we would drop off Lucas, my 11 month old great Pyrenees puppy, before we finally headed out. Well the drive was not too bad, except for the 40 degrees and cold mist coming out of the sky. When I left New York to move out west I thought I was leaving the damp misty weather, apparently not! After making it through Denver we made a quick stop at Sram's testing facility and talked with one of the testers and saw some pretty cool stuff, in fact, a lot of way cool stuff!!!! Then it was lunch time, and we saw a Chipotle on the way over to Sram, SCORE! So after gorging ourselves on some delicious food we finally got on our way for good and started making the trek down to Taos, Macky's home. All was great, the first part of the drive was cold and wet and pretty gross outside until we crossed La Veta Pass and then the sun came out and the temperatures jumped 20 degrees, it was amazing. I took off my jacket, my flannel shirt and actually turned the fan in my car onto cold, way cool!

Made it to Taos and then it was time for a ride to get the legs opened up and happy. Followed Macky around for awhile and found that even after playing tennis for an hour with Shannon yesterday and running around with the dog for 30 minutes when going hard the legs really don't feel that bad, score one for Short Track tomorrow.

That's right another full weekend of racing coming up, short track tomorrow and cross country on Sunday. Look for updates as the weekend progresses as well as some photos and video.

Cheers All!

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