Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preparing for the Next Race

This is the view from the top of the Rabbit Mountain Open Space during my ride today. Today the plan was a nice and relatively easy 2 hour ride with one set of 6 by 2 minute fast pedal intervals. Well, I figured with the extra 30 minutes of ride time to my ride up to Rabbit Mountain Open Space last week that I would take the opportunity to actually check out the loop on top of the park. Well it turns out with timing I had to do my fast pedals on the trail, which can be pretty easy around here, but not at Rabbit Mountain. Like much of the front riding we have (e.g. Heil Ranch and Devil's Backbone) Rabbit Mountain is covered in rocks that are both loose and set in the ground solidly. Trying to do fast pedals on trails of this type, well to say the least, it definitely helps with technical skills. If you can pedal at 110-120 rpm on technical trails consistently and smoothly then you are set. So I was able to spend a solid 20 minutes really working on the technical skills at super fast RPM's.

For now there is not much racing happening for Transparent Racing. After La Tierra Torture this past weekend we have a lull in racing until our next event at the Mountain States Cup Chile Challenge in Angel Fire, NM. The Angel Fire cross country course is one of my favorite courses in the country. There is a brutally long and hard climb with a really super fun but technical descent. Definitely looking forward to it.

Check back for more training updates over the next few weeks as Macky and I prepare for the Chile Challenge and then US Pro XCT in Birmingham the next weekend.


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