Monday, May 18, 2009

Dumb Epic # 2 of the Season

Yesterday I went out for what was supposed to be an amazing high country epic in the Colorado mountains. On word from the mtbr forums I heard that Kenosha Pass was clear of snow all the way up towards Georgia Pass. So good friend from the ECCC Chuck D'Hemecourt and I loaded up, dropped a car in Breckenridge and drove to the Rock Creek Trail Head of the Colorado Trail. Hopped on the trail and were ripping. The Colorado Trail is one of the best trails in Colorado by far. Epic views, amazing well built singletrack and awesome history.

We made it to Kenosha and kept heading up. Trails were dry and beautiful. After we made it 6 miles past Kenosha Pass (meaning we were 6 miles from Georgia Pass) we found that the trail was a running stream, huh!?! Well a mile later the trail was a mix of snow fields. With the conditions we had seen so far that day and what the mountains looked like as we drove around Breckenridge we kept our hopes up, pulled on our leg warmers for protection, threw our bikes on our backs and started hiking. After a little while the snow seemed to be thinning out and it looked like if we could just get out of the trees we would be good. BAD MOVE!

We definitely hiked for awhile, probably 3 hours worth (total). After we were sufficiently wet and cold we decided that we should just pull the plug. Nothing was forcing us to get to Breckenridge as we still had one car where we started. Hiked back out of the snow and then rocked it back.

Well we made the car finally after 7 hours in the woods, my longest day on a bike ever (even though only 4 hours were actual riding time). I was amazed that during the last two hours I was able to really put the hammer down. Often after long rides those last couple of climbs are just gruelling slogs, but I was killing it.

Pictures to come!

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