Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bump n' Grind pre-ride

I woke up this morning and put my bike together in 25 minutes. Here's the video - don't worry, it's at 900% speed:

Then I went out to pre-ride the Bump n' Grind course. I had a hard time finding it at first, but eventually did find and met up with Greg. We decided to ride together, but after waiting for 30 or 45 minutes while a mechanic looked at his wheel, we realized that his wheel was not in any kind of shape to take a ride, so I went by myself.
I really enjoyed the course. It is a 6.3 mile loop, but my guess is that the fastest guys tomorrow will be doing each lap in about 21 or 22 minutes. There are no extended climbs, everything is rolling, and it's FUN! There are some roots and a few rocks, but for the most part it is a smooth course of smooth, fast dirt. Here is a short clip of part of one of the descents:

Unfortunately, while pre-riding I got pretty confused about the course. I ended up backtracking a bit, turning around, and asking people until I finally figured it out, but it didn't help that the 1st lap (of 5) starts differently than the other 4 and that the Elite lap is partially the same as the non-Elite lap, but backwards, so people kept coming AT me instead of going with me...Oh well, after 2 laps I think I now know what it looks like. Should be fun!

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