Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tierra Torture Pro short track

Today was the 2009 Tierra Torture short track mountain bike race near Santa Fe, NM. Both Kat and I raced and had a blast. It rained just before the race (and afterwards) so the course was in significantly better condition than it would have been, but there were still some really loose corners...
I was fortunate to end up getting a front row start (not a very good front row start, but front row none the less) and jumped to the front ride from the gun. For the first 2 laps (of 7, it was a long short track course) I was closely followed by a friend of mine, Cameron Brenneman, but he went down on the 3rd lap and I chose that moment to attack. I never saw him again and got a solid win (see the picture).
Kat did not get as lucky at the start and had a Cat 1 racer fall into him and take him out because the Cat 1 racer couldn't clip into his pedals. He then went from dead last of the Cat 1/Pro field to a 6th place finish in the Pros.
Overall, a successful day. Let's just hope tomorrow goes just as well (or better)!
Some videos from the race:

Kat racing

Macky racing

Kat post-race

Macky post-race

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